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jaguars, pantanal, tours, brazil, photography, wildlife

“Far and away better than anything that Abercrombie & Kent can offer…”

–Dr. Walter & Sharon Davisson
Photography: Paul Donahue. Jaguars of Brazil’s Pantanal.


“Exceptional professionalism, attention to detail, care, caring and safety…”

–Toby, Michael, Christina & Elizabeth Pearson


Our Company

Inka’s Empire Corporation is a luxury tour operator that offers private archaeological and ecological explorations in the land of the Incas – present-day Peru, Ecuador and Chile – as well as in Argentina and Brazil. Inka’s was founded in the Inca capital of Cuzco in 1991, established as an American partnership in New York City in 1997 and incorporated in New York State in 2001.

We are expert tour designers with more than two decades of experience in South America. In each country, we have sought out the local operator who can execute our masterfully-designed itineraries with the quality and personal attention that we demand. We are a small company that truly cares about our guests and their satisfaction, as evidenced in their letters to us, one of which is quoted above.

We guarantee the services of our local operators, all of whom we have worked with for many years, and yet our guests pay no more than if they were to arrange for their services directly. Guests, thus, benefit from our expertise, enjoy the security of our guarantee and avoid the complications of dealing with foreign entities, all without additional cost.

Arcana Mundi Expeditions is the trade name used by Inka’s to present its South American wildlife expeditions in partnership with Hotel Fazenda Santa Tereza, Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil (owner of the Jaguar Research Center Reserve and operating as “SouthWild”). SouthWild was founded by our scientific advisor, Dr. Charles A. Munn.



“Dreaming of that next epic wildlife adventure? Here are your go-to guys.”

–Condé Nast Traveller




jaguars, pantanal, tours, brazil, photography, wildlife

Arcana Mundi Expeditions

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