“We had great sightings of the Jaguars…”

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From your search boat, see Jaguars relaxing, hunting and mating.

“Mick Jaguar” hunting a Yacare Caiman, Pantanal, Brazil.
Photography: Arcana Mundi Expeditions. Jaguars of Brazil’s Pantanal.


Best place for photographing Jaguars…

Gabriel O’Rorke, 4 Best Places for Photographing Big Cats, CNN Travel, 3 April, 2013


“We had great success.”

We had a great time. Naun is a very good guide and Puma tracker. He worked very hard for us, as did the team of trackers, and we had great success. It is great that Naun is a photographer. One morning Tim was too ill to go out. We had amazing sightings with two adult Pumas right next to the park road. They stayed beside us as we walked the road. Tim had given me his camera, but I am not a photographer. Naun, also a Canon photographer, took great photos with Tim’s camera, which I much appreciated as the photo opportunity was quite good and I would not have wanted to miss it. With Naun, I got the shots. It is also great that Suzanna is on the team. She is very professional and when Naun became ill, she was able to take over. It all worked very well. We saw 12 Pumas in seven days. Five were in the park, with three in the park at just 30 – 60 feet. We had other great photo opportunities on the ranch with Hermanita at 30 feet for an hour. Our tracker and guides worked hard for us and it paid off.

–Deidre Bainbridge & Tim Tennyson, November 2016


“The Jaguar Extreme trip was outstanding…”

The Jaguar Extreme trip was outstanding and I enjoyed it very much. There were Jaguar sightings on all but one of my boat trips and I saw seven different Jaguars with some individual Jaguars sighted multiple times. An added bonus was seeing three different Ocelots at the Ocelot Tower. We have Ocelots in Texas, but the chances of ever seeing one are practically zero since they are so rare in Texas. The lodging and food were very good and the guide was excellent. Fiorella was very knowledgeable, helpful and instructive. The presentation by the wildlife biologist at the Flotel was highly educational.

–Greg Pierson, September 2016


“Guides were excellent…”

Re: Wolf Camps and Southern Pantanal tours:

Guides were excellent. Our guide Julianna was lovely and had superb English. As she was relatively new to guiding, we were fortunate to also have Rafael, who was very experienced, along with us. Although your information stated clearly that the wolves often arrived after dark, it would have been helpful to know that there was no electricity anywhere near the areas where the wolves usually come, making me dependent on the light from the guide’s flashlight. This, of course, was not true for those who had the sorts of cameras that professionals use.

The camps were very basic but completely adequate, clean and comfortable.

I do think that the Wolf Camps tour was geared toward expert photographers — which I am not. And, aside from the wolves and the monkeys, I felt that this was very much a birding tour, which was a surprise to me since, in the description, only the Hyacinth Macaws were emphasized.

The Southern Pantanal anteater extension was everything I had hoped for. My guide (Marcos Augusto) was fantastic. I have already recommended him to some of my friends. I loved everything about Pousada Aguapé, interesting people, well-organized activities. The personnel were very attentive to what the individual guests wanted to see. The ranch was perfect for wildlife viewing. This was my first time having my own guide, and it was a VERY positive experience.

I hope that these remarks are helpful.

–Mary D. Fine, August & September 2016


“A very enjoyable trip and a fantastic experience…”

Thank you so much for all your help with arrangements. We did a combination of the Jaguar Extreme tour and the Southern Pantanal. We saw six different Jaguar over a number of different sightings and even had the privilege of being able to name a Jaguar cub, as the first to sight it. We also saw numerous birds, caiman, Capybara and other animals. A real highlight was seeing a large, 2.5-meter anaconda with a Sunbittern displaying, an extremely rare privilege. In the Southern Pantanal area, we saw several Giant Anteater, including babies and a Collared Anteater, as well as numerous macaws and other birds. We also enjoyed the snorkelling trip and the opportunity to see large freshwater fish in such crystal-clear water.

In general, all the arrangements were good. The lodgings were basic but comfortable and clean, and the food was plentiful. Transport was good, although some of the vehicles showed significant wear and tear, particularly those on the Transpantaneira Highway. The guides were very good, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

We have travelled expensively and particularly enjoy these types of wilderness experiences. I was very happy with the trip and feel it offered very good value for money.

Overall, a very enjoyable trip and a fantastic experience.


–Sylvia Burbery, August 2016


“I could not rate the Jaguar Extreme tour highly enough…”

Overall impression — vastly exceeded any expectations I might have had before arriving in the Pantanal.

Every time we went out, we saw Jaguar. There were two times that will always stick in my memory. A Jaguar leaping off a 5-metre bank into the river trying to catch a caiman. Not successful, but impressive. The second was similar, but the bank was only 3–4 metres high. Watching this Jaguar stalk the Capybara from above, along the bank, and then leap in after it was spectacular. He did have two goes at it, but again it was not his day. The variety of wildlife was just amazing — I even think I was a converted birdwatcher for the week I was there.

Our guide, Naun, was extremely helpful, making sure we got what we required and where we needed to get to achieve all our objectives as far as seeing wildlife was concerned. His knowledge and passion about the Jaguars was abundantly clear, as he always was able to anticipate cat behaviour so he could put us into the best viewing position possible.

Food and lodging was great and contributed to a wonderful week.

I could not rate the Jaguar Extreme tour highly enough it was so good

–Barry Haydon, August 2016


“We saw roughly 10 Jaguars in our 4 days…”

We loved our trip to Brazil and Jaguarland. We saw more Jaguars than we expected and even got the chance to name our own Jaguar cub because we were the first to spot and photograph the baby. We saw roughly 10 Jaguars in our 4 days and never went more than 2 hours without a sighting. We also had the extreme pleasure of meeting Dr. Munn at the lodge. He is truly a conservationist with a dream, a vision, and the passion to make real change.

We would do it again in a heartbeat – we loved the entire experience. And, we saw no mosquitoes to speak of.

We hope to travel with your company again sometime soon.

–Susan Opp & Stacey Arens, July 2016


“Our guide and boat driver were exceptionally experienced and skilled.”

Thank you for your assistance in providing me this tour. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We viewed 10–11 individual Jaguars during 16 sightings. Our guide and boat driver were exceptionally experienced and skilled. Accommodations and meals were impressive given the location. Transportation was efficient and safe. All of the services provided were very well done.

–John Estrada, November 2015


“We had 16 sightings of jaguars …”

We had 16 sightings of jaguars over the course of five days on the river. Some were sleeping. some were walking and one was trying to cool off in the river (he didn’t seem to feel like swimming). I was impressed with our guide, Paulo, who could recognize one jaguar from another if he was able to see their faces. These really are beautiful cats.

We also saw giant river otters; caiman, capybara, a tayra (a first for Paulo, and also for all of us), a number of beautiful birds, and piranha. Paulo took a few of us swimming in the Cuiaba River late one very hot afternoon. No encounters with caiman or piranha.

The evening lectures were interesting …

Lucy, the manager, was very pleasant and very efficient. Santana, the chief cook and bartender made beautiful caiprinhas com cachaca. Generally speaking, the food was good — some really nice fresh fruits — especially at Southwild Pantanel — and terrific scrambled eggs. The secret of these was undoubtedly the access to fresh eggs from the chickens kept at SouthWild.

The boatman on our boat was very helpful to me in pointing out wildlife when I sat at the back of the boat.

Bathroom breaks were not an issue; the weather was so hot that almost all of the water we drank came out in perspiration.

A special word about Paulo. He made the outings very interesting for us, and showed concern that we were all able to spot the wildlife, whether bird or animal. He is a terrific guide.

We were also lucky that all eleven clients on this expedition were compatible …

So, there you have it!

–Anita den Dikken, November 2015


“Mind blowing how many Jaguars we saw …”

All was good across the board. Everyone we dealt with was great, including yourself. Great trip! Mind blowing how many Jaguars we saw … 11 different cats and some repeatedly. Action packed start to finish.

–Edward Spera, October 2015


I am happy with my experience in the Pantanal…”

I am happy with my experience in the Pantanal and with Arcana Mundi. I saw jaguars and lots of other stuff.

Guide: good knowledge of nature, very helpful …

Boat driver: excellent.

Rooms: very basic, but I was not looking for something luxury there …

Meals: very basic. Might be better.

–Oleg Rozhko, October 2015


“The Jaguars certainly did not disappoint.”

The Jaguars certainly did not disappoint. We saw 1 or 2 each day, but sometimes when they were in deep brush in deep shade it was difficult, and in one case, impossible to see the animal. I don’t think anyone was disappointed. What was a surprise to me — and I think to some others in other groups — was how many birds you also can see. We had one man in my group, whom I would consider a real birder, and he saw more than 30 birds he had never seen before. We also were totally taken aback at some places on the road to the Flotel by the really large groups of caiman we saw — so many they were practically on top of each other.

I thought our guide, Karine, was excellent. She spoke good English but also really knew the birds and knew exactly where we might find other animals, such as the Giant River Otters. The food at the Southwild lodge was better than the food at the Flotel — much better selections of fruits and vegetables, but the Flotel was in a more remote location, and I never really heard anyone complain…

–Lucy Richards, October 2015


“We all loved the time in the Pantanal.”

We all loved the time in the Pantanal. The accommodations the first and last nights at South Wild Lodge were excellent. The food and rooms were very nice and we bought items at the gift shop. We enjoyed many sightings on the road and the Capybara families and Jabiru Stork nest with babies at the Lodge.

The accommodations on the Flotel were very pleasant. Our group on our boat was congenial. We appreciated our guides, boat driver and the evening lectures. Food was OK and plentiful. We were delighted that we had 8 sightings of 5 different Jaguars, many sightings of Giant River Otters, including babies and adults eating fish, many sightings of Capybara, scenes of Caiman catching fish, a scene of a Jabiru catching and eating a fish in addition to feeding chicks and many, many different types of birds.

We had read on the internet a criticism that this group put out food to lure the jaguars. But due to the time we expended to find the jaguars, we doubt that is true …

It seems sad that the number of tourists is increasing so dramatically. If the Jaguar stayed awhile in the same place up to 16 different boats arrived to view the scene. It would be good policy to allow only boats with a minimum of 10 people. Our guide said fewer and fewer Jaguars can be viewed. They quickly learn they cannot catch a caiman while all the boats are there. So fewer and fewer Jaguars stick around once the boats begin to arrive. We hope some measures can be taken to protect the practices of the Jaguars.

–Linda Huetinck, John Huetinck, Bev Griffith & Harold Griffith, September 2015


“Had some great photo ops …”

Awesome trip Martin, it all worked like clockwork, thanks for organising it. Had some great photo ops and some are now on my site.

–Pete Downing, August 2015


“I am very sure that I will return for another Jaguar trip.”

Our Jaguar tour was great and we were satisfied !!! ... Everything was great, the guide, the floating hotel, Southwild Pantanal Lodge. Everybody was friendly and helpful. Food was good. Finally, the trip was a success and we got good pictures, as you can see at my website. I am very sure that I will return for another Jaguar trip.

–Romain Grisius, August 2015


“Our trip was fabulous.”

Our trip was fabulous. We saw six different Jaguars, many species of birds, and at least a couple of Yacare caiman and Capybara (lol).

The excursions from the Flotel were great. Mornings were always the best for Jaguars, though on one excursion in the p.m., we saw a Jaguar swimming across the river in front of us. Never a dull moment seeing numerous birds and caimans. On a couple instances, we saw Howler Monkeys and Capped Capuchins. The outings from SouthWild was always hot and dusty except on the river. Though the area conditions were dry and hot, we saw a fabulous set of birds and Gray Brocket Deer and Marsh Deer. The feeders around the lodge were great for photography. I would suggest they add water for the birds in addition to the feed.

Our guide was Fito from Costa Rica. He and our Boat driver (Nito) were fabulous! Great people with exceptional eyes. Both tried very hard to please and help find target species other than the Jaguar.

Our room on the Flotel was very spacious with lots of wall outlets though we never had Wi-Fi in our room but we always had it in the meeting room and restaurant. At SouthWild the rooms were very spacious with a lot of outlet spaces and we had Wi-Fi in our room. Americans need to bring wall plug adapters to both places. The food at both places was cafeteria style with numerous choices with a great selection of fruit juices, coffee, water, etc. and alcoholic and soft drinks for additional charge.

The people at both places were always friendly and willing to help if they could.

Our land transportation from Cuiaba to South Wild was not quite private. We had an additional guest that rode with us. We made two stops, in Pocone for a restroom stop and another one when we officially got to the Transpantaneira Road. We enjoyed both stops! From SouthWild to Porto Jofre it was in an open air truck (safari truck). The road was washboarded, potholed, and dusty but we all loved it. There was always something else to see, especially at the bridges, which there was never a shortage of. We only made a couple of stops. We all wanted a lot more but due to time constraints and connections at Porto Jofre we pushed on.

The boat ride to the Flotel was refreshing after the dusty and bumpy road but not as interesting as the safari truck (lol).

Great logistics making a complicated logistical trip flow seamlessly. We did return with some fabulous pictures. Thank you!!!!

–Stanley & Gretchen Jones, August 2015


“Birders will find it very interesting, as will nature photographers.”

Overall, I would recommend this trip to people who are serious about wildlife and are accustomed to travel in third-world countries. Birders will find it very interesting, as will nature photographers.

–Betsy Gidwitz, July 2015


“The trip was an outstanding success…”

I am happy to report that in our opinion the trip was an outstanding success… Our guide (Fiorella) and boat driver were excellent… The Jaguar sightings, as well as the rest of the river boat trips, were outstanding! Not just furtive “sightings”, but lengthy exposures following the cats on their treks and stalking prey on the riverbanks… Food and drink were fine — simple and nutritious, and plenty. No need for anything more. Accommodations were very good, especially the Jaguar Suites…

–Dave and Allie Neff, July 2015


“We were thrilled that we got to see and photograph three different Jaguars…”

We got to photograph the Hyacinth Macaws one morning while on Jaguar safari, an unexpected treat we enjoyed very much. Fiorella was an incredible guide and a pleasure to be around. The boat driver did his best to get us into good positions to photograph from. The SouthWild Lodge was very nice. The food there was very good. I told Fiorella that the cooks at this location should give lessons to the cook at the Flotel. The Flotel accomodations were adequate.They became luxurious when Paul talked about the original tented camps you started with! We enjoyed Paul’s lectures each evening. We were thrilled that we got to see and photograph three different Jaguars — Mick, Emily and Patricia. We got to see Mick stalk a caiman who got away; also saw Emily and Patricia stalk the overgrown guinea pigs whose name escapes me at the moment…

–Leslie Gertie & JoMar Alwes, July 2015


“Even if I returned 100 times … I would never be bored.”

1) quality of boat and guide was very good
2) polite and friendly staff at flotel
3) food was good
4) we were very lucky with the jaguar sightings, this really is a very special place
5) even if I returned 100 times to the Pantanal, I would never be bored

–Rob Kerr, July 2015


“Wildlife photography opportunities – 10/10.”

Wolf Camp: We really enjoyed the set-up. Lourival and his family are a special treat and the relationship between man and beast is just remarkable. Our guide Rafael – absolutely super (intelligent, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, aware of your interest and always tries to accommodate you) – 10/10. Maned Wolves – a real nature experience and excellent photo opportunity – 10/10. Hyacinth Macaws – from a view point were excellent. However, the hide doesn’t allow for panning during the early morning light. Capuchin Monkeys – the two families we visited performed like movie stars – 10/10.

Jaguar Extreme: Despite a cold front, where rain and clouds accompanied us for the entire period, we had a most enjoyable time. Excursions, food, accommodation, sightings of especially Jaguars and Giant River Otters were excellent despite the bad weather – 10/10. Our guide Alyson – we had met him at Wolf Camp, where he guided a couple from the U.K. – very, very good (some of the others say he is the best guide on the Jaguars by far) – 10/10. Wildlife photography opportunities – 10/10.

Southern Pantanal: Macaws – the set-up is brilliant and observing these colourful birds (who gave us an excellent performance) from the viewing platform is superb – 10/10. Guide – Marco (we had very limited exposure to him – Charles accompanied us to the Macaw Sinkhole; Marco was with us in the afternoon and on the next morning, and in the afternoon Lucy took over. We had met her at Wolf Camp, where she guided two couples from the U.S. and at the Jaguar Flotel. She is an excellent guide, and we can only recommend her highly – 10/10. Ant Eaters – area beautiful and we enjoyed the scenery – 10/10. Guide – Lucy (see above). We also have to mention the excellent driver/spotter, Marco Fernandez – 10/10. Photography – excellent – 10/10.

–Gerrie & Mercia Rall, June & July 2015

View photos taken on this tour.


“There were too many good jaguar shots…”

There were too many good jaguar shots, so I made a video. I hope you like it and thanks for the opportunity.

–Sal Sclafani, June 2015


“Wonderful location and wildlife viewing.”

South Wild Pantanal Lodge:

Excellent accommodation.

Wonderful staff who greeted us like old friends and, upon departing, ensured they gave us farewell hugs. The two Peruvian staff spoke English very well which made life much easier.

Food — hot, varied and very tasty.

Great wildlife in close proximity.

Varied viewing options; e.g., boat, vehicle or horseback.

Jaguar Flotel:

Wonderful location and wildlife viewing.

We were fortunate to have a visiting guide join us for one day on the small boat and Paul, the resident biologist, for another. Their extensive knowledge and ability to communicate made those days very special even if I didn’t get to name a Jaguar!

–Geoff & Hilary Cuff, June 2015


“Our guide, Marcos, was a gem.”

Kay and I have finally returned from our expedition to the Pantanal. We were pleased with our Jaguar and Otter sightings… Our guide, Marcos, was a gem. His English was really very good and his knowledge of the flora and fauna extensive… I found your services to be professional and comprehensive.

–Bob & Kay McClenathan, June 2015


“One of the best photography trips we’ve ever had.”

Carol and I arrived home yesterday and are still savoring our wonderful visit to Brazil ... one of the best photography trips we’ve ever had. Charles devised an agenda that was just right for the time we had and gave us the finest in guides. We couldn’t have seen or enjoyed more in our time in the Amazon and the Pantanal. The people of Arcana Mundi, from Martin Haggland to the guides were superb ... Everyone was responsive to our every request and went out of their way to make our trip productive. Please tell Charles how much we appreciated his personal attention to detail and the way he runs the company ...

You asked about guides and we can only report positives. Paulo is, of course, the very best. We felt as if we had gained a new friend during our time with him. He is highly intelligent, exceptionally knowledgeable and goes out of his way to support your clients. We also have nothing but positive comments about Alexandre. He is an entirely different personality, but was excellent throughout our time with him in making sure that we saw as much wildlife as possible. When problems arose, he solved them quickly. Though his educational background is in IT, he demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the animals, birds and plants we saw throughout the trip. He even got us that visit to see the Great Potoo (might have misspelled). We thank both of these fine guides for their help. And I must add that Tiago Roth was very helpful and efficient during our transition in Manaus to our international flight ...

Again, our deepest thanks for our time with your people in Brazil. We have memories that will last a lifetime. We’ll be happy to act as a reference for any potential customers.

–John and Carol Fryer, June 2015


“We saw 10 jaguars in different situations!

“The main object of the trip was accomplished, we saw 10 Jaguars in different situations! The trip arrangements you made were very good, especially the Flotel’s Jaguar Suites were very good. The food overall very good and the help everywhere was very accommodating… I must compliment you. You were very complete, clear and good. Thank you so much.

–Fernando & Katherine Gumucio, October 2014


“After spending 7 full days with the jaguars, I am even more in love

with their magnificence than I was before.”

After spending 7 full days with the jaguars, I am even more in love with their magnificence than I was before. During my stay, I had 14 outings occupying the better part of each day and saw multiple jaguars during 12 of those excursions. I had the opportunity to capture multiple outstanding images of these spectacular animals. After my first trip to see them in 2013, I never thought that I would surpass the quality of the images taken during that trip, but I did. I even captured a kill in broad daylight from beginning to end. And as if that weren’t enough, the next evening I saw another kill! Though it was too dark to capture the images digitally, the drama of it all is embedded firmly in my memory.

The flotel [cabin] is comfortable, though basic, and the food is good and plentiful. Every evening after dinner, there was an interesting presentation by a naturalist guide about the fauna in the region. To my great pleasure Charles and his wife arrived 2 days after I did. Charles always welcomed the guests in the evening when we were coming in at the end of the day. He is always very interested in making the guests feel comfortable and appreciated. I was so grateful that Charles took the time to discuss jaguar conservation with me. He was very receptive to my thoughts about the flotel and its upcoming renovation as well as my observations and thoughts about the jaguars and his conservation efforts. Needless to say, I had a wonderful time and will be back annually if at all possible. Thank you also for your consistently prompt and thorough service. Making my arrangements with you could not have been easier, and I look forward to our future correspondence.

–Alison McClure, September 2014


“We had a great time and very good Jaguar sightings.”

We had a great time and, as you intimate, very good Jaguar sightings. In detail, our thoughts are as follows: Southwild Lodge – excellent spot, great birds and magical late afternoon boat trip on our second visit. Flotel – really enjoyed the experience there… the Jaguar Suite was great, food was good, excellent sightings. We had a lovely young girl as a guide – she was very enthusiastic, obliging and absolutely charming.

–Desmond & Rosemary Harrison, September 2014


“We had good sightings.”

“We had good sightings and the package was well put together as a whole, as well. Almost everything worked as promised, which we consider a very good result in Brazil. Filming from a small boat is heaven for a photographer and hell for a videographer. So I am pleased that I managed to get some decent jaguar material on video. I would say one sighting in four produced usable video footage, so one week is not really enough for more than very basic coverage of jaguar behavior, but that was enough for now. And the Jaguar Suite… was well designed and very comfy. So, we are happy that we chose Arcana Mundi”.

–Jyrki Hokkanen & Tuija Sonkkila, August 2014


“I am happy I saw so many jaguars…”

“Nice trip… I am happy I saw so many jaguars… Our local guide who stayed with us was excellent and very nice.”

– Dr. Robert Cach, August 2014


“I enjoyed it – we saw 6 different jaguars…”

“We saw lots of wildlife… The guide was good… The boatman was very good about stopping and positioning the boat for anything we wanted to see or photograph… The flotel was absolutely fine – clean – but the cabins are small… The dining room guy went out of his way to be helpful… I enjoyed it – we saw 6 different jaguars…”

–Gisela Meyn, August 2014


“It made it better that there was a mother with cubs…”

“Everything went very smoothly, love that Charles is reinvesting in the lodges and upgrading each year. You can see the improvements and appreciate them. The jaguar sightings were good, not as great as last year but fine. It made it better that there was a mother with cubs out there. Would have liked to have 1 – 2 really good sightings but that is nature. I am sure EVERYONE wants more sightings always:)”

Tanya Cox, Natural Exposures, August 2014


“The Jaguars were fabulous…”

–Sonja Lowenfish, July 2014


“We had a spectacular trip in the Pantanal.”

“We had a spectacular trip in the Pantanal. I am also interested in the puma trip in Chile. Could you please send info for group trip dates…?”

–Karen Czekalski, July 2014


“We were both very happy with the Wolf Camp.”

“We were both very happy with the Wolf Camp. Our guide Rafael was excellent, and the camp staff were wonderful. Nothing was too much trouble for them, and we saw over 40 Hyacinth Macaws, 2 Maned Wolves and plenty of the nut-cracking capuchin monkeys as well as many different birds and marmoset monkeys at the camp bird feeder.

–Lorraine & Alan Huxley, May 2014


The photo opportunities were exceptional…

“We have returned from Brazil and the entire family had an amazing time. I am happy to say that the Pantanal surpassed all of our expectations… Needless to say, the photo opportunities were exceptional.

Chris Gamel, Chris Gamel Photography, October 2013


We got to see Jaguars everyday!

“We had a great time on this trip… our guide Paolo was fantastic… And we got to see Jaguars everyday! The best was watching one Jaguar hunting. Not a success for him, but great for us…

Nita Taublib & Gideon Kiriat, October 2013


“The tally for number of Jaguars for 5 nights at the Flotel was 21…

We actually saw 6 in the last afternoon alone…

“All went very well in Brazil and our guests went home happy… We had great sightings of the Jaguars, more than last year… The suites were a treat… We really enjoyed staying in them. Also, there were many more great improvements to how everything was run at the Flotel… We really enjoyed having Kike as our guide. By the way, the tally for number of Jaguars for 5 nights at the Flotel was 21… We actually saw 6 in the last afternoon alone…”

Tanya Cox, Natural Exposures, September 2013


How about 15 Jaguar sightings in 5 days!!!

“How about 15 Jaguar sightings in 5 days!!! Jaguar swimming across the river in front of our boat, Black-collared Hawk flying over our heads to steal a fish from the mouth of a heron. It was fantastic! We went for Jaguars, and saw Jaguars. Our guide, Paul, was very helpful. His English was perfect… The crew on the boat were absolutely fantastic. They went out of their way to accommodate every request…

Arden & Leonard Zalman, August 2013



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